You broke your Chandler. Now what?

chandler at the plate banner We know it is a tragic day when your bat breaks- especially a Chandler. Our bats come with a 50 Hit Guarantee, and our warranty representatives are standing by via email and phone to make sure you are assisted quickly and efficiently. The average lifespan of a Chandler is at least 2 seasons IF you have followed the Chandler Hitting Guidelines. Every inch of a Chandler bat is studied and analyzed at every step of the crafting process as well as stress tested to its limits to ensure the bat exceeds the durability standards of the game. However, sometimes there are flaws internally that cannot be seen by the eye, only revealed once the bat is split open. These bats WILL be replaced. Other times the bat had been hit on the incorrect surfaces, which cause it to break down quite quickly. These bats will NOT be replaced. Here is what you need to do to get the process started: 1. Go to our Submit a Claim page and fill out a claim for your broken bat. Include the 5 pictures like the following: 2. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email back from one of our claim department representatives.

* If it is determined your bat is NOT replaceable- your representative will explain why and we will NOT replace your bat. * If it is determined your bat MAY be replaceable but your representative cannot tell from the pictures- we will send you a shipping label for you to send the bat back. Once we receive your broken bat, we will analyze it and email you a determination. * If it is determined your bat IS replaceable- we will send you a shipping label for you to send the bat back. A new bat of your choice will be submitted into production and you will receive your replacement bat in 2 weeks.

 If you are still not sure if your bat is replaceable, take a look at these examples that voided the warranty. Still not sure? Feel free to call our Warranty Department at (877) 497-2287 x 4. If no one answers at first attempt between 9am-6pm Monday through Friday, please leave a voicemail and a representative will return your call as soon as possible. Or email us at

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