What Is “Cupping”?

Cupping is the process of drilling out the end of the barrel of the bat, removing approximately .30-.50 ounces from of the tip of the bat.  We will drill down .25-.50 inches- anything more will compromise the durability of the bat.  This is a customizing feature you get to choose to have performed on your order.

We factor in this customization request at the beginning of the crafting process when selecting the piece of wood to use for your order.  For example, for an UNCUPPED CB271 33/30 order, will use a different weighted billet than a CUPPED CB271 33/30.  After your order is turned and finish sprayed, we will “cup” your bat to the weight you requested.  Our craftsmen will get your order within .10 of an ounce to the weight ordered.

cupping chandler bat

Cupping a bat does lower the weight if the bat has been made too heavy to begin with. The misnomer that a ‘pro cup’ is an advantage is bred from the manufacturers marketing their inability to make weight without a cup. In reality, while we prefer and advise players to stay off the last 1″ of the bat, sometimes it is inevitable. Having a cupped end makes the bat much more susceptible to breakage or in the least, poor ball exit speed and distance, when a ball is hit off the tip of the bat. Because there is no mass behind the tip of a cupped bat, the ball exit speed and distance will not be as extreme.

weighing chandler bat

In the end, it is all a personal preference! Any further questions or concerns about “cupping”, you can reach out to our customer service department at (877) 497-2287 or CustomerService@ChandlerBats.com. Feel free to leave a question/comment below as well!

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