What does the “50-Hit Guarantee” mean?

50 hits. That is what it will take for a Chandler to break IF there is something wrong internally with the piece of wood.  The craftsmen at every step of our process are analyzing the grain of your bat and sometimes even stress testing the handle to make sure it is durable enough for the game.

test bat
“The Stress Test”: the application of force to various parts of the handle, to eliminate flawed pieces of wood that are not up to the Chandler durability standards

During the Chandler crafting process, the flawed pieces of wood are eliminated.  Sixteen sets of hands and eyes analyze each bat at every step of the process before it makes its way to the finishing room.  No bat makes it to that room with a flaw.  Below are examples of the pieces of wood that DO NOT meet our standards.

test bat 2
Bats that failed the Stress Test.
test bat 1
The daily lineup of bats that did not meet the standards of the Chandler Signature line.
test bat 4
The “Chandler Graveyard”; unusable bats that failed the stress test or have a grain flaw.

For more information on the 50-Hit Guarantee, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to the Chandler Bats Warranty Department at (877) 497-2287 x 6, warranty@chandlerbats.com.

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