The Rubberband

Every Chandler bat crafted will arrive to you with a rubberband wrapped around the handle. We meant to leave that on. 

This rubberband is a marking from all 16 of our craftsmen. When you submit an order to us, a paper tag containing all you order information will be attached to a billet of wood with that rubberband. At every step of the crafting process, that rubberband and tag are removed from your piece of wood in order for the craftsman to perform that step. Handwritten notes are marked on the tag, notifying the guy at the next step of its exact weight, or if it requires further testing or analyzation. The tag is reattached to your bat after every step. After being laser engraved and logoed, the tag is finally removed. But we keep that rubberband attached, representing a token of our accuracy and precision.

We have been told that some of you just take the band off right away. And then there are others that remove the rubberband through a game of accuracy…

Roll the rubberband down over the sweet spot of the barrel before BP. The game is to try to pop the rubberband off the barrel through contact with the ball. Precision is key.


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