You broke your Chandler. Now what?

chandler at the plate banner We know it is a tragic day when your bat breaks- especially a Chandler. Our bats come with a 50 Hit Guarantee, and our warranty representatives are standing by via email and phone to make sure you are assisted quickly and efficiently. The average lifespan of a Chandler is at least 2 seasons IF you have followed the Chandler Hitting Guidelines. Every inch of a Chandler bat is studied and analyzed at every step of the crafting process as well as stress tested to its limits to ensure the bat exceeds the durability standards of the game. However, sometimes there are flaws internally that cannot be seen by the eye, only revealed once the bat is split open. These bats WILL be replaced. Other times the bat had been hit on the incorrect surfaces, which cause it to break down quite quickly. These bats will NOT be replaced. Here is what you need to do to get the process started: 1. Go to our Submit a Claim page and fill out a claim for your broken bat. Include the 5 pictures like the following: 2. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email back from one of our claim department representatives.

* If it is determined your bat is NOT replaceable- your representative will explain why and we will NOT replace your bat. * If it is determined your bat MAY be replaceable but your representative cannot tell from the pictures- we will send you a shipping label for you to send the bat back. Once we receive your broken bat, we will analyze it and email you a determination. * If it is determined your bat IS replaceable- we will send you a shipping label for you to send the bat back. A new bat of your choice will be submitted into production and you will receive your replacement bat in 2 weeks.

 If you are still not sure if your bat is replaceable, take a look at these examples that voided the warranty. Still not sure? Feel free to call our Warranty Department at (877) 497-2287 x 4. If no one answers at first attempt between 9am-6pm Monday through Friday, please leave a voicemail and a representative will return your call as soon as possible. Or email us at

2014 Draft Day

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Improper Hitting Examples

Chandler bats may be crafted to perfection, hard as rock, and sealed with a unique finish that eliminates denting from ball impact, but, wood is a delicate material when used as form of artillery.

In order to attain the maximum lifetime out of a Chandler, you must treat your Chandler like a living organism and avoid specific surfaces of the bat when coming in contact with the ball. Nobody is perfect, hitting on the correct areas of a bat at all times- not even the pros! You are going to come in contact with pitches that get you jammed or hot off the tip of your bat. We understand. But extreme abuse to the “off limits” areas on the bat, will cause your bat to break.


improper hitting
Here is an example of a ton of tip shots AND back face hits, which caused the bat to break and void the warranty.

This is an example of a break due to multiple logo shots, because the handle popped on the same surface as the logo. Internally, the wood grain is completely straight, which shows us the piece of wood is not at fault.

Any hit to the side of the bat on or close to the logo is going to cause your handle to break. This is the second weakest spot on wood bats. The handle is the weakest spot.

The front and back face of the bat is the “spine” of the bat. The spine does not flex when a ball is hit on these surfaces. Multiple shots to the spine will cause the bat to break, due to its inability to flex. The faces of the bat that flex are 90 degrees to the right and left of the logo.  These areas are called the “face grain”, which will be indicated by the circular grain pattern. Your bat will flex naturally when a ball is hit on these surfaces.

Knicks on the handle are usually caused by cleat tapping or from hanging on a chained fence. Any knick in the handle will break down the durability very quickly since the handle is the weakest part of the bat.

improper tip shot
Tip shots; they sometimes happen. However, hitting off the tip inflicts a ton of pressure on the handle because of the bat having to bend aggressively due to the pressure from the ball at the tip of the bat.


For more clarification on proper hitting or to see if your broken bat is replaceable, please reach out to the Chandler Bats Warranty Department at (877) 497-2287 x 4 or

Father’s Day Fungo Contest

This Father’s Day, we had a contest over on Instagram…who could take the best selfie with their dad and their Chandler bat!

After a long deliberation, we chose 10 winners to receive a custom Chandler Bats fungo. Thank you to all that participated!


selfie results