Logo Application

The Chandler labels are carefully pressed by hand onto each Chandler bat at the end of the crafting process.  Although each logo is delicately cut and weeded by hand with tweezers from high performance vinyl, the abuse of the game can take its toll.  The stats have proven that the actual bat sometimes lasts longer than the Chandler logo.  You can purchase replacement logos to apply onto your Chandler bat or you can apply these logos on any surface you want.  Application instructions for your bat are provided below.

1.  When you receive your replacement logo, it will look like this: logo   2.  Slowly and carefully peel off the top layer, which will expose the adhesive on the opposite side.  Keep the Chandler label attached to the top layer. Make sure that Chandler signature peels away as well. peeling-logo1 3.  Take a tape measurer from the bottom of the knob to the 18 inch mark on the transition of the bat, engraving facing up. Mark the 18 inch spot with a pen/pencil. measuring1marking1   4.  Place the left curve of the Chandler logo on that 18 inch mark and rub your finger down the middle of the logo to make sure it is sticking to the spine of the bat. Carefully guide your finger over the left and right sections of the logo, curving the logo to the left and right of the spine. Make sure there is no air bubbling or wrinkling.

logo-press1   5.  Slowly peel off the transfer tape from left to right (left tip of logo to signature end). Voilá.   logo-peel4

For additional assistance, please call us at (877) 497-2287 or csr@chandlerbats.com.

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